To establish and embed what QSRH stands for. This is achieved through re-engineering and re-launching the company values to employees, and incorporating them into performance reviews.


The first step was to identify and develop the values and the associated behaviours that people need to showcase at the individual, manager and executive levels. This was accompanied by creative ideas to excite people about living the new values every day.

The performance review process covered goals, direction and feedback.  The goals of what they should stay focussed on, the direction to ensure alignment to the overarching strategy and feedback on their efforts.

A quarterly ‘sprint’ review cycle was also incorporated to reduce the time between effort and feedback.

Performance reviews were supported by training sessions that educated employees on what the values mean and how they relate to QSRH’s brand, purpose, team and themselves.


100% of employees now know what QSRH stands for and how they align and individually contribute to this being achieved.

100% of employees are using the performance review process and even more pleasingly this has led to far greater consistency in the organisation wide calibration of performance.

Most of the discussions are centred around how the values are being demonstrated.