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In my experience as a senior executive for global organisations, I’ve witnessed an increasing need to build diverse and empowered workforces that deliver on strategic goals.

We are all inherently equal. To create spaces where every individual matters, we should embrace deep, divergent thinking and listen to one another with unequivocal respect. We should create, nurture and celebrate connections and lasting relationships with unique people and their diverse outlooks in life.

These are the core beliefs that run through my life’s work. They are guided by The Thinking Environment by Nancy Kline, a body of research which shows that the quality of everything we do is dependent on the quality of thinking that we allow first.

“Simply stop, listen and trust”
— Vanessa Porter

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Do Less, BE More


Vanessa’s approach to leadership through her five steps is immensely relevant and meaningful for leaders in our current business environment. Do Less, BE More is a valuable toolkit for us all to reflect upon and focus on what really matters, our people. We need to empower ourselves so our teams think more, not just do. Vanessa’s insights support a framework of purpose for all stakeholders to be highly successful.

Brett Houldin, Chief Executive Officer, Craveable Brands


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