Our approach

Our approach


Our communication approach is based on The Thinking Environment®. It improves the outcome of every interaction by generating superb connection, thinking and action. Our approach can be applied in 1:1s and team settings such as mentoring sessions, presentations, and project and board meetings.

In team settings, concentrated listening helps draw out the unique contributions of each individual, cutting through the dominant voices. On average, our clients are seeing a 62 per cent reduction in meeting time using this approach.

In a coaching context, the impact of incisive questions can be transformational. Questions are crafted to remove underlying assumptions that limit progress, so that you can easily move into problem solving mode.

Our approach significantly enhances people’s ability to formulate ideas, gain insights and think freely. A thinking environment is created when the following elements exist in our interactions.

10 Elements of The Thinking Environment®

Listening with palpable respect and interest while not interrupting.

Ensuring equal turns contributing and equal attention.

Offering the time and space away from the busy working environment.

Offering genuine acknowledgement of a person’s qualities on a 5:1 ratio of appreciation to criticism.

Giving courage to go to the cutting edge of a person’s thinking.

Allowing sufficient emotional release to restore thinking.

Supplying the facts and identifying what is really going on in a situation.

Welcoming diverse thinking and group identities.

Incisive Questions™
Removing limiting assumptions so that a person can think more clearly and creatively.

Creating a physical environment that says "You matter."


“This was the most well facilitated session I have ever experienced in terms of execution and delivery. My peers and I got so much out of the day, from learning active listening to setting an effective meeting agenda. It was great that everyone was able to have a point of view. I will certainly be adopting this approach in the meetings that I facilitate and attend.”

Steve Cottle - Director, Client Service
Retail Data Acquisition Services

“After just one leadership development session we are seeing improvements in communication, collaboration and innovation. Too often we focus on the operational competencies instead of the leadership traits that are arguably key to successful growth. Vanessa is also delivering monthly learning pods for our mid-level individual contributors, with positive feedback. I recommend All of You L&D sessions for employees at all levels.”

Hilary Lamb – Managing Director

Vanessa is an accredited Time To Think Facilitator and a member of the international Collegiate.